Still Technically Sunday XD

Level Ups: Eviantus (Level 4), Kayori (Level 8), Kupo (Level 6)
Masters: Eviantus (avengedsevenfold-avengedsevenfold, avengedsevenfold-cityofevil, evanescence-theopendoor, s-descendants3), Kayori (bap-unlimited, gazette-ninth, kuroshitsuji2-op, s-antmanandthewasp, s-evanescence-evanescence, s-fantasiaremastered, s-lotr-rotkcompleterecordings2, s-lotr-ttcompleterecordings2, s-saintseiya-ost2, s-sf9-burningsensation, saintseiya-eternalbox05, sf9-easylove, shinee-thestoryoflightep1, shinee-thestoryoflightep3), Kupo (adamlambert-theoriginalhigh, adamlambert-tresspassing, daftpunk-musiquevol1, gundamwing-blindtarget1, kuroshitsuji2-charactersong10, linkinpark-hybridtheory, s-dumbo, s-thorragnarok), Zenit (kuroshitsuji2-ed1, s-wolfsrain)
Game Updates: Weekly
Wishing Well:
Eviantus/Ria: I wish for choice cards spelling out ALBUMS!
Kayori: 1 Choice card per collecting/future deck.
Kupo: I wish for 3 choice cards from our favorite musician/band!


Note to prejoin members, you may take freebies from all updates, if you missed them!
Just a reminder for everyone! You are allowed to vote 2x per weekly update. That's 2 regular votes and 2 special.
Wish Info
I am granting 3 wishes this week! Special cards are allowed, and they don't have to be "2 choice cards" despite being worth 2.
Eviantus/Ria: Choice cards spelling out ALBUMS! - Max 2 per deck.
Kayori: 1 Choice card per collecting/future! - Can also be called keeping.
Kupo/Ria: 3 Choice cards from your favorite musician/band! - Max 2 per deck.

New Decks

You may take a total of 20 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!
Or you can take from the update randomizer

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