Still On Hiatus

Level Ups: Catherine (Level 9, 10, 11), Kayori (14, 15, 16)
Masters: Catherine (evanescence-origin, jonghyun-storyop2), Kayori (amnesia-charactersongcollection, bap-blue, barenakedladies-stunt, bleach-beatcollection12, bleach-beatcollection15, boys2men-ii, celinedion-fallingintoyou, daftpunk-humanafterall, daftpunk-humanafterall, evanescence-fallen, gackt-theseventhnightunplugged, gazette-cassis, gazette-dim, gorillaz-dsides, kuroshitsuji2-charactersong01, kuroshitsuji2-charactersong02, linkinpark-adecadeunderground, sailormoon-memorialmusicbox, sailormoonsailorstars-merrychristmas, saintseiyaomega-op2singlenextgeneration, saintseiyaomega-op3singlesaintevolution, saintseiyaomega-op4singlesenkoustrings, utapri-duetdramacd3)
New Affiliates: 1Up, Arctic Rose Directory, Card Hoarder, Duet, Gourmandises, Marvelous
Game Updates: Weekly Games


This is just a small update while we are still on hiatus. Slowly working on adding text to the released decks when I have time to.

Anyone still active may take choice cards spelling "Saint Patricks" and "Happy Easter"! No limits, and may be either regular or special.
Go there every week and take 24 random cards. 12 regular, and 12 special. Log it as Hiatus Freebies.

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