A New Month

New Members: Angela, Catherine, Kupo, Pam, Whitney
Level Ups: Kupo (Level 2), Lina (Level 2), Mio (Level 3)
Masters: Emelie (nsync-thecollection), Kupo (bleach-beat32), Lina (daftpunk-discovery, s-themandalorian-season2vol1), Mio (gackt-diabolos, gackt-redemption), Ria (nsync-theessentialnsync, tokiohotel-automatisch), Zenit (mychemicalromance-theblackparade)
Game Updates: Weekly, Monthly
Wishing Well:
Emelie: I wish for 5 random special cards for everyone!
Kayori: Choice Cards spelling out Happy Pre-Prejoin
Kupo: I wish for 3 choice cards for everyone!
Mio: I wish for cards spelling PREJOIN!
Nessa: I wish for everyone to be able to play


I decided to combine the weekly and monthly update since they were back to back. But I was busy so it's a bit late.
Note to new members, you may take freebies from all updates, if you missed them!
I was checking on the votes, and it seems I might have erased a necessary line from the special votes, so all the special deck votes since Feb 21 have the vote as $name. I had to delete these votes, but the following people may vote again to recover the votes.
Just a reminder for everyone! You are allowed to vote 2x per weekly update That's 2 regular votes and 2 special.
Special Vote
Emelie - 3 extra special votes
Gaelle - 1 extra special vote
Kupo - 2 extra special votes
Lina - 3 extra special votes
Mio - 1 extra special vote
Nessa - 1 extra special vote
Whitney - 2 extra special votes
Zenit - 1 extra special vote
Wish Info
I am granting 6 wishes this week, 3 extra for the monthly update! Special cards are allowed, and they don't have to be "2 choice cards" despite being worth 2.
Emelie: 5 Random Special - https://tracklist.arctic-rose.net/randomizer.php.
Kayori: Choice Cards spelling out HAPPY PRE-PREJOIN! - Max 2 per deck.
Kupo: 3 Choice Cards - No limits.
Mio: Choice Cards spelling out PREJOIN! - Max 2 per deck.
Ria: Choice Cards spelling out MARCH! - Max 2 per deck.

New Decks

You may take a total of 20 cards. No more than 2 per deck.
If you donated the deck, you may take an extra from that deck. Comment with what you take!
Or you can take from the update randomizer

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