Your sample site page where you put your affiliates, link buttons, credits and stuff. The list of proper credits are already included below. If you want to create a separate credits and resources page under this page, simply copy and paste the table below. If you have other resources that needs to be credited, just add them to the table. Again, to display plugins for levels, masteries and/or rewards, please check the available plugins list from Stack website.

Stack Resources
AkiStack CMS Developer[ WWW ]
CaitlinContributor[ WWW ]
RheannaContributor[ WWW ]
TatyContributor[ WWW ]
TCG Credits
CalicoOnline TCG concept[ WWW ]
AmandaOriginal MyTCG script and ideas[ WWW ]
Game Resources
NinaMelting Pot and Card Claim[ WWW ]
In the CardsPassword gates and slots[ WWW ]
TatyPuzzle and memory[ WWW ]
Mike McGrathBlack Jack[ WWW ]
The Javascript SourceCoin flip and jan-ken-pon[ WWW ]
FlooblePeeptin and Toggler[ WWW ]
Torben WolfReaction[ WWW ]
Cory FoglianiTic Tac Toe[ WWW ]
No Starch PressTreasure Hunt[ WWW ]
ShuvoRimCountry Guessing Game[ WWW ]